Civil Driving Simulators

Driver training is increasingly seen as a key requirement for employers with workers who drive on company business. The need to reduce fuel costs and minimise collisions is symbiotic with the achievement of corporate social responsibility goals, such as reduced emissions and improved road safety. Moreover, the real and present risk of corporate liability that arises from accidents caused while driving on company business requires employers to consider mitigating actions.

XPI Simulation’s civil driving simulators are designed to deliver effective behavioural change in an immersive synthetic environment, leading to improved safety, reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and lower collision rates.

Benefits of using simulator-based driving training compared to in-car tuition include reduced costs, lower environmental impact and the assurance that training is being conducted in a controlled, repeatable and safe environment. 

XPI’s range of civil driving simulators covers desktop-based devices, single-seat simulators and full-car simulators, spanning various budget and fidelity requirements.

For customers wishing to avail themselves of the benefits of simulator-based driver training without the capital cost of acquiring the simulation platforms, XPI also delivers driver training as a service through the Driving Simulation Centre (DSC)

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