Blue Light

XPI Simulation’s experience with the emergency services spans over 10 years and ranges from low to high fidelity, with often complex solutions. 

The Driving Simulator Centre (DSC) concept was initially based on our close working relationship with UK Police forces.

The DSC is available for hire by emergency services to support the delivery of specialist driver training.

Once familiarised by our DSC Manager, your instructors can then utilise all the features and benefits of the simulators to maximise your training time with us.


Blue Light simulator driver training allows drivers to practice potentially dangerous manoeuvres and higher speed driving in a repeatable, controlled and completely safe environment.

Simulator training offers huge benefits to complement traditional on-road driver training. These include:

  • Reduce costs on fuel, wear and tear and damage to vehicles
  • Risk free driver training when performing dangerous manoeuvres at speed
  • Higher throughput by rotating students much quicker through replicated scenarios
  • In-car face scanning camera: Trainer-assisted technology to assess how students are responding to their driving environment
Full Car Simulator
Driver Simulation Centre Crop


The DSC is the best equipped centre in the UK for emergency services to repeat and practice higher speed manoeuvres with purpose built simulators. Each simulator can immerse drivers to include all their necessary input devices as they would when responding to a real emergency. For a more advanced and co-ordinated set of manoeuvres our simulators can be synced together.

With purpose built 270° wrap around screens, motion actuators, LCD wing and rear-view mirrors our full car simulators offer a safe and cost-effective way to assess students effectively before commencing on-road driver training.

The DSC also houses smaller ‘cut away’ simulators, with screen monitor systems. Our bespoke software is available on each and every simulator, so regardless of your training need or budget, the DSC has a simulator to suit

Classrooms and breakout areas can seat up to 40 students and fully equipped with the latest smartboard technology enabling you to host training sessions in a professional environment.

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We understand that each customer has different budget and performance requirements, so we work with our customers to offer a complete range of systems that are fully scalable and flexible to meet their specific needs. 

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